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“Approve.com is extremely easy to implement, has a flexible and accurate approval flow and contains all the exact features a valid process needs without the complexity of other tools in its domain.”

The Approve.com Platform

Approve.com enables finance and procurement teams to gain visibility and control over spending.
It streamlines purchase requests, approvals, and vendors. All in real time.

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Simple and Flexible

Easy requisitions lead to accelerated approvals and accurate data capturing. Full visibility into your spend pipeline allows you to identify bottlenecks and get involved when it matters.


Compliant and Reliable

Approvers can approve, reject, return or consult with every stakeholder. Approve.com logs the complete history of who did what/when/why, and visualizes data with beautiful dashboards.


Scales with You

Approve.com can be deployed in days. It integrates with your ERP and SSO. Supporting complex workflows, from a single
team to thousands of users, Approve.com scales with you.

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