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Why we’re here

While working in our previous tech jobs, we launched a side business selling branded merchandise to companies—backpacks, headphones, t-shirts and more. Through hard work and a focus on service, we bootstrapped it to over $2m in revenue and 250 customers including mid-sized tech companies and giants like Google, Amazon and Microsoft.

Working closely with our customers’ purchasing teams, we experienced first-hand the bureaucracy and friction that characterize enterprise procurement, both from our position on the vendor side, and for the employees and managers on the company’s side. We figured there must be a better way, and was born.

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Our mission

We are on a mission to make procurement smarter, faster and more user-friendly with the power of software.

With, procurement teams can offload time spent on tactical, repetitive tasks like routing emails and files, chasing data and typing. This frees them up to focus on strategic initiatives, cost savings and closing better deals.

It’s procurement’s
time to shine

We live in a digital world where employees hold the key to better company spend. Procurement managers are no longer the “buyer” standing between employees and vendors. They’re now guides who oversee and optimize the buying journey—and they have the power to drive greater efficiencies, a healthier spend culture and an improved bottom line.

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