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  • Plugging a Purchasing Process to NetSuite PO

    Why Should You Open Purchase Orders on NetSuite? Very often we encounter modern, fast-moving organizations that leverage NetSuite as an ERP system, and are now focused on implementing a proper purchase-to-pay process – starting with approving purchases, booking goods received, and onboarding new vendors. Managing Approvals on NetSuite PO Most of those organizations have tried…

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  • Implementing a Requisition Process with NetSuite

    It’s easily understood why businesses aim to deploy a purchase order (PO) process on NetSuite. Doing so offers a number of benefits, including helping them achieve visibility, increase accountability, improve budget control and compliance, gain early involvement from the procurement team in purchasing activities, and reduce the friction that arises from the reliance on multiple…

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  • The Stakeholders Of a Purchasing Process

    Implementing a purchasing process is a company-wide process, and that means that you’ll have multiple types of users from different departments that hold different opinions about how this should go. Read through to get some useful information about how to approach stakeholders in modern companies. The types of users involved At a high level, there…

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  • ERP for Procurement: 3 things to keep in mind

    Most businesses today have an ERP (enterprise resource planning) system in place. These popular platforms surfaced in the 90s with the aim of enabling businesses to optimize operations, achieve new efficiencies and gain competitive edge. ERPs market the ability to address a breadth of business functions. In reality, they’re truly sufficient for a limited number…

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  • All About Vendor Data Management, and Why You Need to Use It In Your Organization

    A siloed approach to business functions just won’t cut it anymore; those legacy systems are a nightmare to navigate and integrate, and you feel there are so many missed opportunities for better productivity, cost-effectiveness and information sharing.  This is even more the case when it comes to vendor data management. Well-compiled, accessible and thorough vendor…

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  • How to Choose Your Next Purchase Order Management System

    The Problem With Today’s Purchasing Processes When it comes to purchasing, vendor management and other complicated, often paper-driven processes, there’s a whole host of inefficiency. Even worse – all of that inefficiency grows the bigger the enterprise, and the higher the number of stakeholders. After all, the bigger the organization, the more data to draw…

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