• What Is Mobile Procurement?

    Mobile procurement involves using mobile devices to facilitate and streamline purchasing processes in a business setting. This procurement method has become increasingly popular as businesses seek to improve efficiency and cost savings while maintaining quality control.  Mobile procurement offers numerous advantages over traditional methods of purchase order processing, including greater flexibility, improved visibility into inventory…

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  • Artificial Intelligence in Procurement

    Picture a future where you have an intelligent assistant by your side – one that can analyze mountains of data in seconds, uncover valuable procurement analytics, and provide you with actionable recommendations.  This assistant never gets tired, never overlooks critical details, and continuously learns and adapts to improve its performance over time. Sounds like a…

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  • What Is Procurement as a Service?

    Procurement as a service is an emerging procurement strategy transforming how organizations of all sizes purchase goods and services. In 2022, the global procurement as a service market was valued at USD 6.15 billion, with an estimated growth of 11.1% from 2023 to 2030. Similar to the SaaS model, the idea behind procurement as a…

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  • Understanding Global Sourcing Strategy

    Did you know that global sourcing is a booming practice that has grown steadily over the past decade? In recent years, the global market for outsourcing procurement services had an estimated value of $2.70 billion. Experts predict that by 2029, the market will grow substantially, with a projected value of $7.86 billion and a CAGR…

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  • Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM): Stages and Definition

    Traditionally, buyers and suppliers relied on paper contracts to conduct business. While this is still practiced, referring to physical documents for updates and compliance takes a lot of work. Both sides are bound to make mistakes, leading to costly disputes and potential losses. This is why modern times have seen the emergence of technology for…

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  • Understanding Strategic Sourcing

    What Is Strategic Sourcing? Strategic sourcing is a systematic, data-driven approach used by procurement professionals to optimize an organization’s supplier base. It involves a comprehensive analysis of purchasing activities and the development of long-term sourcing strategies to maximize cost savings, improve supplier relationships, and mitigate supply chain disruptions. What Are the Goals of Strategic Sourcing?…

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  • What Is Spend Data Management?

    A key component of gauging a business’s financial health is understanding its spending. But for any organization to conduct a successful spend analysis, its data must be organized and managed effectively. This is where spend data management comes in. Spend data management ensures that the data associated with a company’s spending is organized, accurate, and…

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  • Understanding Procurement Data Management

    Businesses often fulfill requirements by obtaining goods or services from external suppliers. The procurement process has become increasingly sophisticated as more complex products, services, and technologies are being sought. With this in mind, procurement data management is essential to make informed decisions and ensure efficiency.  Managing procurement data requires a comprehensive strategy. Today, we’ll explore…

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  • Your Guide to Cost Savings Analysis

    Cost savings analysis is a critical process for any business to ensure it uses resources efficiently and achieves maximum returns on investment. Companies frequently encounter the dilemma of what decisions to pursue and which ones to forego. If you are unsure about a particular business decision, a cost savings analysis can provide invaluable insight into…

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  • Cost Reduction Process: Definition and Steps

    The cost reduction process is a business practice nearly all organizations should plan for in order to keep growing and profiting. Whether you’re dealing with market downturns or anticipating future financial losses, a well-executed cost reduction strategy is what you need to save on the budget and maintain profitability. Two-thirds of all companies worldwide expect…

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  • Automated Invoice Processing: The Complete Guide

    Automated invoice processing is the use of software to process invoices for a company’s accounts payable department. It provides a nearly error-free way to accelerate invoice approvals and reduce processing costs.  From automating data entry and validating information to processing invoices, an automated invoice processing solution is a powerful tool that helps businesses streamline their…

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  • What Is Renewal Management? The Software Renewal Process 

    Renewal management is a constant sticking point for financial managers looking to optimize the way they approach contract renewals for the mission-critical software their organization relies on.  With the rise of Software as a Serivce (SaaS) — money seems to be trickling out every quarter now that subscription-based software is becoming more commonplace for businesses….

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