The Ultimate Front-end
for NetSuite Procurement

  • Purchase Requests
  • Approval Flows
  • Vendor Onboarding
  • Booking Goods Received

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“ is extremely easy to implement, has a flexible and accurate
approval flow and contains all the exact features a valid process needs
without the complexity of other tools in its domain.”

Leveraging NetSuite?

Deploy a proper process that is simple, scalable, and integrated. And let everybody take part
without worrying about permissions and costs.

NetSuite Integration Points

PO generation

Have POs automatically generated and updated on your ERP when a request has been signed off on Approve.

Vendor onboarding

Implement intuitive vendor onboarding wizards and easily configure new vendor approval flows involving AP.

Goods received

Give AP the gift of requesters easily confirming that goods were received.

Budget data

Sync real-time budget data from your financial records so approvers can make informed decisions.

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Email, Slack and SSO

User onboarding, provisioning and deprovisioning supported with our SSO integrations.

Simple email and Slack notifications and approval capabilities.

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With we can maintain
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