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ico startup


$400 Month (Paid Annually) 10 Full-Access Users
  • Customizable Request Forms
  • Customizable Approval Flows
  • Email + Mobile Approvals
  • Budget Management
spacecraft svg


Talk to us 100 Full-Access Users
  • 5 Subsidiaries
  • Comprehensive Spend Dashboard
  • All Starter Features
  • Rest API Access
  • Netsuite Integration
  • Vendor Onboarding Flows
ico enterprise


Talk to us 1,000 Full-Access Users
  • 20 Subsidiaries
  • Comprehensive Spend Dashboards
  • All Enhanced Features
  • Custom Email Alerts
  • Customized Dashboard
  • Dedicated Cloud
ico unlimited


Talk to us Unlimited Full-Access Users
  • Unlimited Subsidiaries
  • Unlimited Comprehensive Spend Dashboards
  • All Enterprise Features
  • Localization
  • Custom Integrations

“ is extremely easy to implement, has a flexible and accurate
approval flow and contains all the exact features a valid process needs
without the complexity of other tools in its domain.”

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Compare plan features. All plans include unlimited users, vendors, approval flows and file storage

Feature Starter Enhanced Enterprise Unlimited
Customizeable Request Forms
Customizeable Approval Flows
Email + Mobile Approvals
Budget Management
Vendor Management
Vendor Onboarding Automation
Comprehensive Spend Dashboard
Google SSO
SSO (Okta, Onelogin, Azure etc)
Rest API Integration
Comprehensive Netsuite Integration
HR System Integration
Vendor Database Enrichment
Contract Repository
Dedicated Cloud
Custom Email Alerts
Customized Dashboard
Custom Integrations
Onboarding Basic Gold Platinum Platinum
Check-In/Training Monthly Bi-Weekly Weekly On-Demand
Customer Success Manager
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