Control Spend With
Simple Requisition Wokflows

We give you tools to capture, approve, and track purchases, while providing an easy-to-use procurement experience that ensures adoption across business teams.

See How Tipalti Approve Simplifies Requisitions

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“Tipalti Approve is extremely easy to implement, has a flexible and accurate approval flow and contains all the exact features a valid process needs without the complexity of other tools in its domain.”

Requisitions Made Simpler

Stop the approval chaos

Digitalize and standardize request forms, and use information like amount, department, budget item and more to trigger automatic approval workflows and reduce manual work.

End off-budget spending

Drive more accountability from requestors by digitally documenting the entire purchasing process, and show budget owners the data they need to make approval decisions.

Get real-time spend visibility

Stay on top of your spend pipeline with real-time reporting to better plan for upcoming invoices and identify bottlenecks.

Modernize Your Procurement Operations

structured requests

Structured Requests

Quickly capture request need and
initiate the right approval flow.

clear approvals

Clear Approvals

Properly route requests to the right
stakeholder according to company policies.

complete visibility

Complete Visibility

Get the full picture of request statuses with amounts, processing times, and more.

The Tipalti Approve Difference

Built to integrate

Tipalti Approve integrates with NetSuite, SSO, and HR systems, so you don’t need to change your existing financial processes.

Quick to

Our platform is cloud-based, lightweight and flexible, and can be set up for work in only a few weeks.


We’re an easy-to-use platform that users love, making workflows faster and more seamless across the board.

Tightly Integrate With NetSuite

PO generation

Generate POs and updates automatically on NetSuite when requests are signed off with Tipalti Approve. 

Vendor onboarding

Implement intuitive vendor onboarding wizards and easily configure new vendor approval flows involving AP.

Goods received

Requesters can easily confirm that goods were received, simplifying things for AP and all stakeholders involved.

Budget data

Sync real-time budget data from NetSuite so approvers can make informed decisions.

integration   mobile 2

Email, Slack and SSO

User onboarding, provisioning and deprovisioning supported with our SSO integrations.

Simple email and Slack notifications and approval capabilities.

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